Tonight I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Shojin with my uncle Kirk and his friend Heidi. Shojin is an all organic and natural vegan Japanese restaurant with two locations in LA. It is undeniably one of the best vegan restaurants in LA and we were not disappointed. Shortly after placing our order, the electricity in the restaurant went out.


Because there was no generator for the stove, we were told that the dishes we ordered could not be made and were given a few options of dishes we could order. We were under the impression that our appetizers and our sushi could not be made so we were very pleasantly surprised that it had turned out that our appetizers were prepared before the power went out. We had stuffed shiitake mushrooms, pumpkin croquettes, and tempura cauliflower. All three were big hits and managed to come out piping hot despite the power outage!





Eating in the dark brought up some interesting conversation between tables and we found out that the man and his son at the table next to us were vegan and became vegan quite some time ago (17 years for the father and 6 years for the son) and they were kind enough to give us vegan restaurant recommendations. After some time of waiting in the dark we were served our sushi, Dragon Rolls for Heidi and Kirk and Dynamite Rolls for myself. The Dragon Rolls (pictured first) had mushroom in them and while I dislike mushrooms, I greatly enjoyed them. The Dynamite Rolls had a bit a delayed kick to them and were quite delicious. Both types of roles were avocado based but had very different flavors.




Craving more delicious food, we decided on the Creme Brulee and Orange Sorbert along with beers for Kirk and Heidi. I decided on the Creme Brulee because I wasn’t sure how often I would have the chance to have vegan Creme Brulee and was quite impressed. My favorite part of the Creme Brulee was the topping made out of beet sugar (Shojin does not use any refined sugar or artificial ingredients). We all had a great time and I cannot wait to go back soon and try more of their menu. Our waiter even gave us a 50% discount for the inconvenience of the electricity being out!



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