Sage Echo Park

After enjoying my meal at Sage Culver City so much I wanted to go back for another meal soon. I suggested to my friends Nicole and Dante and that we meet up at Sage Echo Park for dinner. They both agreed and to my surprise, neither of them had been before. They were both very excited to be introduced to a great new restaurant and will be going back soon :).

Dante ordered the potato broccoli pirogues and was impressed. Since he has had pirogues all over Europe, his rave reviews were even more impressive. I tasted a bite and was a fan as well, I was surprised by how much it tasted like Sage's famous ravioli.


Nicole ordered the white wine herb reduction linguine. Nicole greatly enjoyed her dish and her first vegan restaurant! I liked the linguine but not quite as much as I've enjoyed other dishes at Sage as it didn't have quite as much flavor. 


I ordered the chipotle burger which ended being my favorite of the three entrees we ordered. It had a delicious blueberry sauce and was very sweet - perfect for a sweet tooth. I am thrilled that both Nicole and Dante enjoyed Sage so much and were excited to have found a new restaurant to frequent :).




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