My Journey

When I went off to college I started becoming more conscious about my health but the steps I took were very small. I did not bake with oil, rarely ate red meat, and would occasionally exercise. I did not know much about health or fitness but had begun my journey. I became lactose intolerant while in college which caused me to stop drinking dairy milk and decrease my consumption of other dairy products.

It was not until several years later that I stopped eating meat and started running recreationally. When I met my boyfriend, he had already been vegetarian for several years and was an avid runner. I started to see running in a few light and decided to, for the first time in my life, run for fun. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed running when I ran for myself rather than for a pe teacher.

Unlike running, vegetarianism is something I had thought about in a positive light before. I never liked thinking about the process my food went through before it ended up on my plate nor did I like the idea of someone else killing an animal for me because I wouldn't be willing to kill it myself. Whether it was my squeamishness at the sight of seeing people hook worms onto lures or my sadness driving past the Farmer John's factory in Los Angeles, I have always been destined to live a plant based life.

About a year laster, as I learned more about the health benefits of a plant based diet and both the cruelty and environmental impacts of the dairy industry, I knew I had to make the leap to veganism. I cook salt, sugar, oil (SOS) free at home when at all possible and am more lenient with food as long as it is vegan when I eat out. I have noticed several positive changes since making the transition, most notably having more energy during the day. 

On the fitness end of things, I have been going for short runs every other day for over a year and a half now and am starting to transition to running closer to every day and doing core work every other day. Thanks to my diet I am now better able to exercise as well.

I look forward to continuing on my journey to being a healthier person and encourage you to do the same!


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  • Melinda Amato
    published this page 2014-09-01 09:37:49 -0700