Chilaquiles y Chocolate Caliente

This morning I had a special treat for breakfast, chilaquiles with a side of refried beans and topped with Go Veggie parmesan and hot chocolate! My abuelita is famous for her chilaquiles but typically puts queso ranchero on top of them. Today, however, she topped them with Go Veggie's parmesan (in my opinion the best vegan parmesan) so I was able to enjoy them. As if the chilaquiles themselves weren't enough of a treat, my abuelita asked me if I wanted some hot chocolate to go with them! She made the hot chocolate (or chocolate caliente in Spanish) with unsweetened soy milk. What was different this time is that she drank the hot chocolate with non-dairy milk herself rather than making herself a glass with dairy milk. Later this week I'll be cooking a vegan version of one of her favorite dishes, enchiladas - hope she likes them!



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